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Martello Towers Art Award Exhibition

April 2, 1973

The words they described for my artwork are

An inspiration found in the beautiful paintings of Eileen Seitz, a remarkably talented realist with an almost incredible gift for
simply amazing composition.

“Ms Seitz likes “Mexican” colors, .e. warm magentas, pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, ocher and a fine assortment of blues and greens. She achieves an absolutely
intriguing jungle effect with her aloes, hibiscus, and a vagrant car or inquisitive rabbit.
Again, ┬áher paintings lure the viewer into the composition, from the first glance one’s eye is coaxed on another surprise and another and another.
This artist has rendered a great service to all who see her work; they will surely be more keenly aware of the beauty around us
after seeing these paintings.